Additional Therapies/ Add-Ons

CranioSacral Therapy

Based on Dr. Upledger's 10-step protocol, CranioSacral Therapy is a safe, gentle, highly effective modality for contacting, and bringing balance to the central nervous system.  This modality is performed with client fully clothed, and face up (supine) the whole session.  

60 min.  $99

Therapeutic Cupping Add-On

We at Sedona Massage Company are very excited about this Add-On.  The clients have spoken, and they LOVE the effects of what cupping brings to the massage.  Cupping is an ancient modality found all throughout the world amongst different cultures.  We use silicone cups, and move them slowly over problem areas, 'lifting' the tissue creating more space for fresh blood and nutrients to enter.  This is Myofascial Lymphatic work at its best!!

$10 Add-On



Hot Stones Add-On

The ultimate addition to a massage, especially during the cold season.  Hot stones not only feel amazing, but are highly therapeutic in melting connective tissue, and relaxing and releasing muscles.  Can easily be added to a Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Couples Massage.  

$10 Add-On

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We also use essential oils freely, and at no extra cost.  Choice plants include lavender, and eucalyptus, among others.

About Us

We are a local, mobile massage company located in beautiful, Sedona, Arizona.  We are committed to bringing you a professional, integral, well-skilled experience in the world of massage therapy.  Thank You for choosing us!!

Address:  Sedona, Arizona, and State-Wide.

Phone:  (928) 202-9718


Our Services

Our services revolve around massage therapy and bodywork.  The modalities we offer are geared toward pain management, and relaxation.  Thank You for choosing Sedona Massage Company!!  We look forward to meeting, and working with You.

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